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Scrap Booking for Self-Discovery

This four week course helps you build confidence in your own imagination and creativity. You will begin a colourful scrapbook that you can keep at the end. The book will be used to explore and resolve difficult feelings. You will take an emotional journey using life experience to make your goals for the future start to [...]

Riding the Wave

‘Urge surfing’ is a term used to describe the ability to wait out the physical and psychological sensations that compel us to behave in ways that is potentially unhelpful. Greg Warwick, BSc Hons. (University of Wolverhampton); Cert. (Counselling Skills, Wolverhampton City College); MBPsS, will work with the group to develop techniques and tools using creative [...]

Mindfulness and Mindful Eating

How often do we find ourselves engaging in automatic, habitual behaviour without fully being present in our own lives? Multitasking in modern life leads us to lose awareness of what is happening in the present moment. We will explore how Mindfulness techniques can help us off automatic pilot to become more aware and present. This [...]