Marie Mellor, Senior Psychological Therapist

2009: Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – The Counselling Institute

2009: Diploma in Stress Management – The Counselling Institute

2008: Diploma in Weight Management Consultancy

2006: Diploma in Counselling – Staffordshire University

I am a Registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Work experience

I started work with Oakwood Psychology Services as a counsellor in 2012. I work with clients on a one-to-one basis, as well as facilitating the Help Yourself guided self-help group programme, for helping clients overcome binge eating and bulimia.

How I work

I describe myself first and foremost as a ‘Person-Centred Counsellor’ as my philosophy is very much based in Carl Rogers’ original Client-Centred Therapy. However I am not a purist Rogerian counsellor as I use the theories and practices from other schools of thought such as, cognitive behaviour therapy and Psychodynamic therapy. I aim to understand the client’s unique experience, remain empathic as the client embarks on the journey of positive change. I have a particular interest in recovery from Eating Disorders of all kinds.