Louise Healy – Recovery Champion

I am Louise, a married mum of two. I work in IT for a drug and alcohol charity.

Initially diagnosed with bulimia back in 1998, I found there was very little professional support on offer at the time to help me overcome my eating disorder. I felt helpless to stop, and ill-equipped to face up to the reality of my problem (not even disclosing to those nearest to me). Bulimia persisted as an unwelcome feature of my daily life for the next two decades. Ultimately I was at my wits’ end and finally felt ready to turn my life around. I came across Oakwood and asked my GP to refer me in 2018. Following successful treatment, I am now able to say confidently that I am recovered and living life to the full.

Oakwood has helped me to find freedom from the control of food, to implement new ways of thinking and to finally experience enjoyment. I am thrilled to now support others through my work as Oakwood’s Recovery Champion, and truly believe recovery from eating disorders is possible.