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There’s a lot of confusing messages our there about what, when and how much to eat!

Good nutrition is more than just the calories we eat, it’s about getting the right balance of nutrients, listening to our bodies, and allowing flexibility in our eating. Good nutrition is essential for recovery from eating disorders and can allow us to make best use of therapy. It can help improve a range of health issues such energy levels, sleep, mood, concentration and cognitive function.

‘Nutrition with Niamh’ is our three-week dietitian-led course which focuses on getting the most from our meals through optimising nutritional balance. Niamh covers the core principles of good nutrition, and busts some of those nutrition myths buzzing round the media.

This group is suitable to those who have started therapy and with a BMI of 17.5kg/m2   or who are consuming at least three meals a day.

Dates: THURSDAYS at Oakwood House. The September course has already started, but you can book onto future courses below: