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Self-esteem is about how much we feel that we are worth. People with low self-esteem often feel that they are ‘worthless’ or that they don’t ‘deserve’ anything good. The importance of healthy self-esteem cannot be under-estimated, it is at the very core of our well being and emotional health. In improving our self-esteem, we learn to value ourselves and make more positive choices. By learning to like ourselves, we realise what we are and might be, instead of what we are not.
This four week group course focuses on self-esteem and self-care. It aims to help you explore and improve the way you view yourself.  Through discussion and activities we will work to help each other to better understand our negative self-beliefs and thought patterns, and to learn how to improve our self-esteem.

The course is facilitated by Oakwood Senior Psychological Therapist, Ellie Fretwell. The cost is £35 and runs on Thursdays from the 3rd until the 24th October, 6:30pm-8pm. Click on the link to book and pay.