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 We all think negative thoughts sometimes. These might include negative assumptions, predictions, self-assessments or conclusions. For some of us our thoughts are disproportionately or even overwhelmingly negative. Negative thoughts influence our emotions and a disproportionately negative bias in our thoughts can leave us feeling sad, unmotivated, unvalued and even worthless. It can lead to low self esteem and cycles of unhelpful behaviour, stopping us from moving forward and being happy.

 In this workshop we will focus on the common unhelpful thinking patterns we may use, in order to help you to recognise them and identify your negative thoughts as and when they arise. It will look to provide you with the tools you need to take a more balanced or realistic viewpoint. We will identify new ways of challenging our thinking to help minimise the negative effect these thoughts are having on our emotions and wellbeing.

The course will be facilitated by Senior Psychological Therapist Dan Owens-Cooper and will run from 2-4pm on the 21st March.

Course fees are non-refundable.

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