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We all think negative thoughts sometimes. These might include unhelpful assumptions, scary predictions, judgmental self-assessments or faulty interpretations of experience. For some, our thoughts are disproportionately or even overwhelmingly negative. A disproportionately negative bias in our thoughts can leave us feeling sad, unmotivated, unvalued and even worthless. But we don’t have to believe negative thoughts.

This two-hour workshop teaches about common unhelpful thinking patterns that we all fall into from time to time. This two-hour session will enable you to recognise these in yourself when they arise. It will equip you with tools to take a more balanced or realistic view and minimise the negative effect these thoughts can have on emotions and day-to-day life.

The course will be facilitated by Senior Psychological Therapist, Dan Owens-Cooper.

Book now for Friday 6 November 2020, 2-4pm.